TehTarikKaki on August 25th, 2010

Are you avid movie goer? How frequent do you watch movies in cinemas? In this age of internet era a lot of people are downloading movies from the internet and watch them in personal computer or transfer them to home TV for later watching. And most people will buy a DVD or two to watch […]

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TehTarikKaki on August 19th, 2010

What a silly question! Yeah, do you still read hard copy newspapers these days? Or you no longer read hard copy newspapers. Or you only read online newspapers. Or you read both hard copy newspapers and online newspapers. Whatever your answer is just your personal choice. However, it must be noted that in this internet […]

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TehTarikKaki on August 17th, 2010

Have you ever get lost in a shopping mall? Could not find your favourite store/shop? Looking for a toilet nearest to you urgently? Not very sure how to get to your parking lot? Hope you can have suggestions where and what to shop for your mother/girl friend/wife’s birthday present? Looking for promotion items or e-coupons? […]

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When you are stressed out after a long day’s work, what would you do? Go for an exercise, watch a movie, take a shower, eat something? I guess some of you might want to play some digital or computer games to de-stress. I am no big fan of computer games but yesterday morning I was […]

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Do you connect your computer to your TV? Do you do presentation in PowerPoint often and do not wish to invest in an expensive “wireless presenter”? If you answer YES to either or both of the questions above and at the same time you own an iPod or iPhone, you are ready to get a […]

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Recently a friend (Mr CM Tang) recommended to me a marvellous online photo editing tool which gives your photos gorgeous effects for use in iPhone. To demonstrate some of the fun effects, I am attaching a photo of a beautiful woman eating strawberry in plain portrait and then I use PhotoFunia to create three effects:- […]

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Albert Tan on July 3rd, 2010

There are so many platforms of phones nowadays: iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and Android, etc. Unless you are in the “family” or “company” plan, your calls/SMS outside the family/company plan will be chargeable. If both parties subscribed to cellular data plan and want to communicate via instant messaging/chat BUT with different phone platforms — then […]

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Albert Tan on July 1st, 2010

Recently I have updated my iPhone OS to iOS4 which is the latest version and according to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple: “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system.” Whether it is the most advanced I am not too sure BUT definitely it has given me better experience in using it with my iPhone 3GS. […]

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Albert Tan on June 18th, 2010

Background I have been using my iPhone 3GS for about six months and everything was fine and suddenly one day it became “unchargeable”, i.e. no matter how you charge there was no signal or battery icon appearing on the screen. Even manual hard reset could not rescue the situation. So I decided to send to […]

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Albert Tan on June 16th, 2010

There are many things happening over the last two weeks:- 1. My iPhone gone dead (i.e. konked). Not once but TWICE! The first time was about two weeks ago The second time was 4 days ago Would post in the next post on all the details….. 2. Busy Migrating With my iPhone MIA (missing in […]

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