Recently I have updated my iPhone OS to iOS4 which is the latest version and according to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple:

“The world’s most advanced mobile operating system.”

Whether it is the most advanced I am not too sure BUT definitely it has given me better experience in using it with my iPhone 3GS. Unfortunately iPhone 4 is officially still not available yet in Malaysia.

I have found that the following new features have served me very well:

  • Multitasking
  • Folders and
  • Mail

1. Multitasking

In the past whenever you wanted to perform or open two apps, it is impossible. But now I can run my favorite apps — and switch between them effortlessly and almost instantly — all without sacrificing the machine performance and nor draining the battery unnecessarily. This is by far the best I could have. For example, I could be checking my mails and suddenly I want to read my news feed, it is easy now. Apps can remember where you left off and when you return to the app you previously left off then continue from there.

2. Folders

It was pain in the *** before because there was no way we could organize all the apps into folders. I am a heavy user of apps and have used up all the 11 screens. Looking to find the right application was really agonizing. Now apps could be organized into folders with drag-and-drop simplicity. Now I have faster access to all my apps.

3. Mail

It is so convenient now that I could “preview” messages from all your email accounts in a unified inbox – all in one glance. Mail can quickly identify all the messages in a thread by grouping them together under the most recent message, sorted by date and listing the number of messages. Now it is extremely easy to keep track of ALL messages and their conversations.

Of course there are more than hundreds of improved features with the new OS, the above three I would consider the most basic for my day-to-day business use. If you still has not updated your iPhone OS, do it now via the official Apple download page OR do a direct OS firmware, manual installation here

If you update through iTunes, it could be very slow and takes  a long time (depending on your broadband connection). However, I download mine through the above direct link (which is NON-Apple official site), it is much faster. Do it at your own risk!

To manually install iOS 4, you should hold “Shift” key in Windows OS (“Option” key on Mac OS X) while clicking the “Update” button in the iDevice tab in iTunes. Then select the iOS 4 firmware (you have just downloaded) from the pop up dialog box to start the installation.

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