This is the second part of the blog post “Funny Chinglish that makes you laugh”.

Chinglish example #6

Chinglish: Have to hurry, was also chong chong to.

Suggested proper English: It is very difficult to give an accurate translation. However the meaning is “You come here in a hurry, but make sure you flush it after you have done your business.” “Chong chong” here means flush it with water. This signage appears in a public toilet.


Chinglish example #7

Chinglish: ROMM

Suggested proper English: ROOM or ACCOMMODATION


Chinglish example #8

Chinglish: Deformed men’s toilet (there is another one for women: Deformed women’s toilet!)

Suggested proper English: Toilet For Disabled Men


Chinglish example #9

Chinglish: To restraint AIDS – Prevention is crucial (looks OK but not perfect)

Suggested proper English: Stop spreading of AIDS by prevention

Chinglish: Route of infection

Suggested proper English: AIDS can be spread by

Chinglish: spread by the sexual contact between male-female and man sex with man

Suggested proper English: spread by sexual contact between man and woman or between male homosexuals

Chinglish: Using needing instruments blood without test or blood products without test will infect

Suggested proper English: spread by shared needles, untested/unscreened blood or blood products

Chinglish: Woman who has been infected would infect baby through pregnancy give birth or breast feed

Suggested proper English: infected mother could infect AIDS to baby through pregnancy, childbirth or breast feeding

Chinglish: It is safe to doily contact it won’t infect through handshaking, hug have dinner with them take shower together bite by mosquito

Suggested proper English: AIDS cannot be spread by normal hand shaking, hugging, eating together, taking shower together or by mosquito bites


Chinglish example #10

Dear teh tarik kakis, this is a very difficult one to translate. Anybody can help?


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1 Comment on Funny Chinglish that makes you laugh – part two

  1. Karlie says:

    thats ironic because you said “anybody can help?” when it’s “can anybody help?” 😉
    I think it means:
    Dear Guest, please help preserve the earth’s resources (.) Waste from energy (i think they mean some kind of pollution?) reduces the cleanliness of the environment. If you need to replace the bed spread, (what’s a bedding bag? and “to rest the head on the wrap”? do they mean pillow cover?), please place this card on the bed. Let’s support the environment together!
    Haha its pretty cheesy if you ask me

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