This is the second part of the blog post “Funny Chinglish that makes you laugh”.

Chinglish example #6

Chinglish: Have to hurry, was also chong chong to.

Suggested proper English: It is very difficult to give an accurate translation. However the meaning is “You come here in a hurry, but make sure you flush it after you have done your business.” “Chong chong” here means flush it with water. This signage appears in a public toilet.


Chinglish example #7

Chinglish: ROMM

Suggested proper English: ROOM or ACCOMMODATION


Chinglish example #8

Chinglish: Deformed men’s toilet (there is another one for women: Deformed women’s toilet!)

Suggested proper English: Toilet For Disabled Men


Chinglish example #9

Chinglish: To restraint AIDS – Prevention is crucial (looks OK but not perfect)

Suggested proper English: Stop spreading of AIDS by prevention

Chinglish: Route of infection

Suggested proper English: AIDS can be spread by

Chinglish: spread by the sexual contact between male-female and man sex with man

Suggested proper English: spread by sexual contact between man and woman or between male homosexuals

Chinglish: Using needing instruments blood without test or blood products without test will infect

Suggested proper English: spread by shared needles, untested/unscreened blood or blood products

Chinglish: Woman who has been infected would infect baby through pregnancy give birth or breast feed

Suggested proper English: infected mother could infect AIDS to baby through pregnancy, childbirth or breast feeding

Chinglish: It is safe to doily contact it won’t infect through handshaking, hug have dinner with them take shower together bite by mosquito

Suggested proper English: AIDS cannot be spread by normal hand shaking, hugging, eating together, taking shower together or by mosquito bites


Chinglish example #10

Dear teh tarik kakis, this is a very difficult one to translate. Anybody can help?


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