Recently a friend (Mr CM Tang) recommended to me a marvellous online photo editing tool which gives your photos gorgeous effects for use in iPhone.

To demonstrate some of the fun effects, I am attaching a photo of a beautiful woman eating strawberry in plain portrait and then I use PhotoFunia to create three effects:-

Photo before using PhotoFunia


Photos after using PhotoFunia

  • Effect 1 – One Night in New York


Imagine you can have your own personalized photo lit up in a street at night in New York!

  • Effect 2 – Osaka


The above scene is at a brightly lit up mall in Osaka, Japan.

  • Effect 3 – Watching


This is a street poster where two persons are stopping to watch.

Description of PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia for iPhone is very very easy to use and it can gives you a fun filled experience with your photos. What you have to do is to select an effect you like from more than100 different effects by the software, select a photograph from Camera Roll or just take one with your iPhone’s built-in camera. Just upload your photo and PhotoFunia will do the rest and download the photo with the desired effect to your Camera Roll. The magical effects are fun and realistic as seen above. The trick actually lies in their proprietary technology which automatically identifies the face in the photo and let’s you add cool photo effects.

Where to download

Cool application, right? You may download it at below links at absolutely NO CHARGE. Yes it is FREE! Go download and show off your photos to your friends and relatives. They will be amazed at the effects.

  • Mobile clients for  iPhone, iPod, iPad – the download link is here
  • Mobile clients for Google Android application – please search for photofunia in Android Market
  • Desktop client – go to

[Credit: The example photo of the beautiful woman used in this blog is used with courtesy of digital artist Graeme Weatherston/]

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