Have you ever get lost in a shopping mall? Could not find your favourite store/shop? Looking for a toilet nearest to you urgently? Not very sure how to get to your parking lot? Hope you can have suggestions where and what to shop for your mother/girl friend/wife’s birthday present? Looking for promotion items or e-coupons? Where is the next available lift or escalator nearby?

Imagine you are in a big shopping mall such as Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur and chances are you are a bit lost experiencing the above (unless you work there or goes there on a daily basis) some time or other.What is your first reaction?

  1. Go ask the nearest shopkeeper
  2. Go ask the nearest information counter (you may have hard time looking for it as well in the first place!)
  3. Go to the information e-kiosks (not all shopping malls have these)
  4. Call someone you know and ask for directions
  5. etc……

Friends, do not despair as of now you can kiss goodbye to all the above problems or concerns as long as you have a mobile (smart) phone). Here is the solution. You may download the MyMall directories into your phones. There are altogether 8 shopping malls i.e.

MyMall Sunway Pyramid

MyMall Prangin Mall


MyMall One Utama

MyMall Mid Valley

MyMall Tropicana City

MyMall Ikano

MyMall Pavilion

Let’s look at the descriptions and features of the shopping mall directories in general:
– Mall directory with shops’ location in map
– Search by shops’ name, category, or products sold
– Shops’ information includes phone no & products sold
– Locate shop to exact pinpoint location
– Mall’s amenities such as toilets, escalator & lift location in map
– Mall’s existing & upcoming events
– Shops’ existing & upcoming promotions
– Shops’ existing & upcoming e-coupons
– Save favorite events, promotions & e-coupons into inbox
– E-coupons redemption
– Mall information includes business hours, phone number, website, parking fees and others
– Mall location in map

For example, let us go to KLCC, our country’s premier shopping mall.

image image image

The first screen shot is the main menu where you can find 9 sub-menus, In box, Directory, Floor Plan, Event, Promotion, E-Coupons, Mall Info, Find Mall, Feedback.

  • Inbox – really I do not find anything here (perhaps it is where the mall owner will write something?)
  • Directory – this is where you find different categories of goods or services provided by its tenants; you may do a search as in screen shot 2
  • Floor Plan – with this you will never get lost, and navigating is just a breeze
  • Event – current and upcoming events shown here (see screen shot 3 as above)
  • Promotion – shopoholics will like this very much, save time hunting for bargains
  • E-Coupons – from service providers or shops, if any, and redeem using your phone
  • Mall info – general info about the mall, its telephone  no., location, email address, website
  • Find mall – location map using Google maps right in your phone
  • Feedback – feedback form to the software developer

Where to download all these directories?

iPhone – at your PC go to iTunes and search for Convep Mobilogy or alternatively at your iPhone go to App Store and search for “MyMall”

all other phones (Android / Blackberry / HTC / Nokia / Sony Ericsson / Motorola / Samsung / LG / Others) click here

The best part is that all these directories are FREE to download but before you get to use them, you have to fill up the usual “name, email address, telephone no., and birthday”. After that you may use them without any restriction!

Dear teh tarik kakis, with these mall directories in your phones you would never be at a loss in the shopping mall wondering where you are, what to shop, where to eat, where to pee and where to find your parking lot!

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