Everybody know that Google is the king of search engines. Practically you could search anything under the Sun with Google. However, if you want to have a targeted search in the blogosphere, Technorati is one of the best search engines for blogs. It is the largest blog directory which index more than 100 million blogs and it publishes any new post of your blog into the blogosphere and could be leveraged to drive traffic to your blog.

However, before your blog could be indexed by Technorati, you have to “claim” your blog first in order to build up your blog’s exposure.

Recently I took the following steps to claim my Teh Tarik Kaki blog:-

  1. Register with Technorati – This is a pretty simple process. Just go the Technocrati website and look out for the “Join” link on the top banner, if you still do not have an account with Technorati. After you have signed up by filling the necessary questionnaire, you will be redirected back to the Technorati’s homepage , logged in with your username and password. Be sure to give a valid email address so that you validate your account with Technorati as they would send you an email to your valid address for validation. Just follow the procedures in the email.
  2. Claim your blog – The next step is go to edit your profile/account settings, upload your profile image, write up your bio. You should not skip this step as the information collected will be important to let the world know you and your blog. At the end there is a “Start a blog claim” option as shown in the example below. The final step is to type in your correct address of your blog and click “Claim” as indicated by the red arrow.TechnoratiBlogClaim
  3. Claim code –The final step is that Technorati will provide you with steps to get a claim code for you to incorporate that code into a post on your blog so they can start crawling to your blog and validate that the code is in fact present somewhere on your blog. This is to prove that you are indeed the real owner of your blog.

How long will your blog claim be approved?

My own experience is that my this blog claim is immediately after 24 hours. However, there are cases where claim process take longer than expected, possibly due to insufficient information etc. You can get help from Technorati’s ‘Help’ page if Technorati was not able to claim your personal blog for any reason. Good luck!

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