Tesco give me money! Are you insane? Yes, Tesco gives me RM120.00 in total!

Here is the story. As a regular customer of Tesco hypermarket and club member of its loyalty programme called Clubcard,

image I regularly receive some cash vouchers and coupons ranging from a few cents to a few dollars (RM is Ringgit Malaysia which is the legal tender in Malaysia where USD1.00 = about RM3.20). You will get 1 point for every RM2 you spend in their stores. The cash vouchers look like this:


And the coupons look like this:


Clubcard Cash Voucher is like cash where its value can deducted from your bill to buy anything from the store. Clubcard Coupons are extra bonus discounts to help you save more on selected products only.

However, recently I received something bigger than usual. I received three  coupons of RM40 each, i.e. a total of RM120! I took a photo as below:


What is it so special about this coupon?

  • There are 3 coupons of RM40 each with 3 different expiry dates (3 different weeks I think)
  • As long as the bill spent is RM200 and above you get a rebate of RM40, which is equivalent to 20% discount
  • No restriction on the type of goods you buy
  • But only valid in Tesco Setia Alam, Shah Alam

My two cents

Actually we missed the first coupon as the expiry date was already over when we realized the existence of the coupons. One coupon has been utilised and now waiting to use the last coupon.

The saving of RM40 is quite a fair bit and we also chose to buy items which were cheaper in Tesco (when compared with Giant, Carrefour, Parkson, etc.).

I was curious and went checking the website of Tesco Malaysia and there is no mention of such “special” coupons and I conclude it must be some kind of special promotion. Anyway why bother when you can save RM120!

So next time when your Tesco mailer comes, do look out for such coupons if there is any! Hahaha..

When someone gives you money, what will you say? Of course: thank you!

P/S Tomorrow is Hari Raya Aidifitri. Shall pen off by wishing all Muslims a very joyous Hari  Raya. Maaf Batin Zahir.

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