Few days ago I asked the following question in my Facebook account:

“Do you think sex education in schools will help reduce sex crimes in society at large and arrest moral decline among the youths?”

Below are the “verbatim” answers I got:- (names of friends are purposely not revealed)

AY:    No!

LA:    absolutely NO!

I:       Why AY?

AY:    just can’t help , because the people right now has already knew what is “sex”. i think should be start education from the family problem first

TKK:  Vicious Circle! How to ensure the intelligent one not to make use of the process to mask the hidden desire? Ignorance always rein and rule, the sex education will develop no matter how..

JK: If they start sex education, I hope it can reduce sodomy case …

I: Why LA?

LA: i guess, it doesn’t make a difference as it matters of how the education is being implemented and purpose of the education…alright if everyone knows about it…..so wat? there r still those who are hungry for it and especially youths, the ‘experiment’ factor is present almost more than 24 hours in their minds …

ETO: If taught well, it will reduce unplanned pregnancies and sexual diseases but not sex crime

I: So what is root cause of sex crime?

LA: desire! craving!

WR: reduce crime? maybe…but not sure, and agree with LA.
but sex edu for a better sex quality is exactly. :p

HSC: yes and no…

I: HSC, why yes and why no??!

HSC: Yes, if it cultivated the right values within. No, the influence of the irresponsible sex media is more impactful…

My two cents

Recently there were many news reports and discussion on unwanted pregnancies among the youths (it was reported in the Star that number of babies born out of wedlock in Johor is alarmingly high as more than 5,000 cases have been recorded every year since 2007), teenage sex, moral decline, serial rapist, etc. Even Dr Mahathir, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia in his blog, has advocated that pornographic material be censored in internet.

My views are as follow:

1. There is a need for proper sex education in schools but its implementation could be hindered as we must have a proper curriculum taught by properly trained teachers. And this is not happening since the idea of sex education was mooted some 20 years ago.

2. The non-stop invasion of the media (through TV series, movies, internet) which in many cases “promotes” sex in a subtle way or sometimes in an easy way. Unless we shut down the internet or TV or the media, we have to face it anyway.

3. Religious and family education – the roles of religious education and family involvement in disseminating good moral values could complement the formal sex education in schools.

4. It is a complex problem where advanced countries in the west or conservative far eastern countries are still NOT able to come up with an accurate remedy of sexual crimes and moral decay of the youth.

To end, I would like to quote the comments of one of my teh tarik kaki in Penang. He said, “ I think sometimes pornography can be seen as a form of sex education.”

To be frank, I was laughing and could not offer a good comment to him.

I said, “Maybe.”

What do you think, my fellow teh tarik kakis?

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