Few days ago I posted a blog on my favourite top 5 hidden Google search tricks at https://tehtarikkaki.com/all/my-favourite-top-5-hidden-google-search-tricks/.

I was told by many of my friends from Facebook and Twitter that they are useful tips to use Google search engine more effectively. Today I am to blog about another 5 obscure search tricks not commonly used by ordinary web user. This will make it a total of 10 good search tips. What are they?

1. Google as flight announcer

This is particularly useful for frequent travellers who want to know the flight time of departure and arrival of any airline. Just type airline and flight number in the Google search box. It is that simple.



2. Google as specific document searcher

If you want to search certain documents on specific format (file type like pdf, doc, xps, xls, ppt etc.), use this method topic or keyword filetype:pdf for example.

blogging tips

If you want to search PowerPoint presentation on “blogging”. Then type in blogging filetype:pps


3. Google as a site search

A lot of times you are only interested to search for certain keywords or topics on a particular web site and not others. Use this method: keyword site:www.yoursite.com. For example if you are searching for 7 habits in this website, the results returned are like this.

site search

4. Google as number range search

This is a very cool search trick. And this is how it works: just add two numbers, separated by two periods (with no spaces) into the search box with your search keywords. Number range can be anything from year, unit of measurement, currency as you like.

If you type

Olympics 1980..1990

Google will return information about Olympics from 1980 to 1990

numerical range

5. Google as research tool on a particular website

For students or researchers who wish to find out more information about a particular website such as to collect data for a citation or verify your information you may type info: followed by the domain, like this: info:tehtarikkaki.com


In the above example, Google can show you following information for this website:

All you have to do is to click to the relevant pages as you do your research.

My two cents

With this I have given you my top 10 hidden Google search tricks. There are a lot more complicated search tools, tips and commands from Google if you care to do some research. Do share these with your friends and relatives during your teh tarik or yum cha sessions. Send me your comments or do you have any fantastic search tricks to share with all of us?

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    well written!!!~~first time visiting ur blog n I gotta say, u rock!

  2. TehTarikKaki says:

    Hi MD, do come back often and share. Have a blessed day.

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