Why this topic? Let me begin with the following incident. My daughter was once teased by her classmates,”That man with white hair is your daddy or your grandfather?” Maybe her friends’ parents are much younger than I or do not have gray hair as I do.

Grandfather? OMB (Oh My Buddha; equivalent to OMG)! Am I that old? More than 50 or 60 that I qualify to be a grandfather? No, no, definitely not!

Much I wish to be younger but aging indeed is a biological process. If you are 40 now, you would be 50 years old ten years later and 60 twenty years later.

I did a definition search in Google for “middle age”. Here is the answer:


It means that middle age is a time between youth and old age (e.g. between 40 to 60 years of age). Of course there are some other definitions. For this blog let’s keep it to be from 40 to 60.

Why Reinvent Life After 40, 50, 60?

For most people, 40 to 60 is the “middle” age, assuming you are going to live up to 80 to 90 years old (based on the assumption you do not pass away earlier due to sickness or other causes). Life is like a big project where the first half is completed when you reach 40 or 50 years old.

It is time to do a “stock take” on various aspects of your life:

  • Physical health
  • Relationship health
  • Mental or spiritual health
  • Financial health

These four aspects would determine you overall well being of your second half of your life if you take some serious efforts to plan and reinvent your life after 40/50/60!

Most of the time people would NOT think of their second half of their life when they are below 40 years old. Only when they start entering the 40s or 50s do they realize that it is a different ball game altogether when compared to when they are younger.

Being a big project, as the owner of the project don’t you think you should do a complete stock take of your first half of your life, in order to live a better and more fulfilling second half of your life?

How to reinvent life?

In my opinion, you have to divide your life into four accounts, i.e.

Account 1 – physical health

Account 2 – relationship

Account 3 – mental/spiritual being

Account 4 – actual money in your bank

Each account is important and I am going to discuss that in the next blog post.

Stay tuned!

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