I read in amusement that such a famous domain name is FOR SALE from yesterday online news. After some “research”, it was found out that sex.com – one of the world’s most desired web addresses – for sale again, with owners Escom LLC in foreclosure. To cut the story short, this address has created big controversy over the years, and was bought the last time for a whopping USD $14 million.

The price is high by any standard and whether the Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner, would be interested. I am sure it will boost his company’s adult magazine business if he ever buy it.

A common domain name  of .com now fetch about USD$10 depending on the popularity of the name. So let’s see who will buy this domain name and how he would use it.

If you have the money, would you buy this domain name?

.XXX Domain TLD approved by ICANN

On similar note, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has agreed on 25 June 2010 to move forward on a long-standing proposal to create a specialized dot-xxx suffix for adult web sites. Wait a minute, did I say approved? Yes, BUT what was reported is that the board of ICANN gave initial approval for the creation of the .xxx domain at its conference in Brussels. Not finalized yet. However this approval will kick off a fast-track process to get the porn-only domain set up.

Strangely this has upset much of the adult entertainment industry when it joined hands with other religious bodies to lobby against the plan. They argued that such a specialized domain names would lead to official regulation and marginalization.

Points to consider

So if it is finally got approved, would it mean that it is much easier for everybody to identify and surf the adult sites? Do you agree to such a domain name? Would there be second level domain like .xxx.my for Malaysia, .xxx.sg for Singapore, .xxx.au for Australia???

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  1. Nigel Chua says:

    Eh I didn’t know that le.. 14 million? Mmm for the porn and sex industry, a small matter I believe. Can one la, they can afford it. But the .xxx a bit hard to use la, though it’s easier to segmentalise, as quite tough to name something.xxx.sg or .my.

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