This is the second blog of the seven-part series of “7 habits of highly effec­tive teh tarik kakis”.

[To have a bet­ter under­stand­ing of what is “teh tarik”, “teh tarik kaki” or “teh tarik ses­sion’, please go to the About page.]

Coming back to the 2nd habit of highly effec­tive Ah Bengs, it is “Ooh Tao Ooh Buay (have head, have tail)”. Sim­i­larly for Teh Tarik Kakis, it should be like this:

In all teh tarik ses­sions, if there is no purpose of meeting to yum cha or teh tarik, it will be a sheer waste of time.

First we must have an objective when meeting with our kakis (partners): is it for business discussion, negotiation, problem solving, consultation, relationship building etc?? A good teh tarik session should not be just a random talk or ranting session where it serves no purpose.

Second, once the objective is ascertained, go ahead to plan your time and the right place to meet. For tips on how to choose your teh tarik partners and good places to teh tarik, kindly read the first blog at

Third, time spent in a teh tarik session should be controlled. It is recommended that it does not exceed one (1) hour. Anything exceeding one hour could mean that either party is dragging his feet or topic of discussion should be done in separate sessions i.e. broken down into smaller sessions perhaps spread over a few days unless it is super urgent to have a conclusion on the very same meeting.

Remem­ber, always have an objective before committing to meet for a teh tarik session. This is habit #2 of highly effec­tive teh tarik kakis. Begin with the end in mind!

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