Few days ago I asked the fol­low­ing ques­tion in my Face­book account:

“Do you think sex edu­ca­tion in schools will help reduce sex crimes in soci­ety at large and arrest moral decline among the youths?”

Below are the “ver­ba­tim” answers I got:- (names of friends are pur­posely not revealed)

AY:    No!

LA:    absolutely NO!

I:       Why AY?

AY:    just can’t help , because the peo­ple right now has already knew what is “sex”. i think should be start edu­ca­tion from the fam­ily prob­lem first

TKK:  Vicious Cir­cle! How to ensure the intel­li­gent one not to make use of the process to mask the hid­den desire? Igno­rance always rein and rule, the sex edu­ca­tion will develop no mat­ter how..

JK: If they start sex edu­ca­tion, I hope it can reduce sodomy case …

I: Why LA?

LA: i guess, it doesn’t make a dif­fer­ence as it mat­ters of how the edu­ca­tion is being imple­mented and pur­pose of the education…alright if every­one knows about it.….so wat? there r still those who are hun­gry for it and espe­cially youths, the ‘exper­i­ment’ fac­tor is present almost more than 24 hours in their minds …

ETO: If taught well, it will reduce unplanned preg­nan­cies and sex­ual dis­eases but not sex crime

I: So what is root cause of sex crime?

LA: desire! craving!

WR: reduce crime? maybe…but not sure, and agree with LA.
but sex edu for a bet­ter sex qual­ity is exactly. :p

HSC: yes and no…

I: HSC, why yes and why no??!

HSC: Yes, if it cul­ti­vated the right val­ues within. No, the influ­ence of the irre­spon­si­ble sex media is more impactful…

My two cents

Recently there were many news reports and dis­cus­sion on unwanted preg­nan­cies among the youths (it was reported in the Star that num­ber of babies born out of wed­lock in Johor is alarm­ingly high as more than 5,000 cases have been recorded every year since 2007), teenage sex, moral decline, ser­ial rapist, etc. Even Dr Mahathir, the for­mer Prime Min­is­ter of Malaysia in his blog, has advo­cated that porno­graphic mate­r­ial be cen­sored in internet.

My views are as follow:

1. There is a need for proper sex edu­ca­tion in schools but its imple­men­ta­tion could be hin­dered as we must have a proper cur­ricu­lum taught by prop­erly trained teach­ers. And this is not hap­pen­ing since the idea of sex edu­ca­tion was mooted some 20 years ago.

2. The non-stop inva­sion of the media (through TV series, movies, inter­net) which in many cases “pro­motes” sex in a sub­tle way or some­times in an easy way. Unless we shut down the inter­net or TV or the media, we have to face it anyway.

3. Reli­gious and fam­ily edu­ca­tion – the roles of reli­gious edu­ca­tion and fam­ily involve­ment in dis­sem­i­nat­ing good moral val­ues could com­ple­ment the for­mal sex edu­ca­tion in schools.

4. It is a com­plex prob­lem where advanced coun­tries in the west or con­ser­v­a­tive far east­ern coun­tries are still NOT able to come up with an accu­rate rem­edy of sex­ual crimes and moral decay of the youth.

To end, I would like to quote the com­ments of one of my teh tarik kaki in Penang. He said, “ I think some­times pornog­ra­phy can be seen as a form of sex education.”

To be frank, I was laugh­ing and could not offer a good com­ment to him.

I said, “Maybe.”

What do you think, my fel­low teh tarik kakis?

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