In the first blog post of “How to rein­vent life after 40, 50, 60? Part 1”, I touched on why we should rein­vent our life after 40, 50 or 60.

In the sec­ond blog post of “How to rein­vent life after 40, 50, 60? Part 2”, phys­i­cal health and rela­tion­ship were dis­cussed.

In this blog, I shall go into the third account of our life accounts, i.e. mental/spiritual being.

Before we delve into how to cul­ti­vate good men­tal being, it should be proper to know that there are eight worldly con­di­tions which we expe­ri­ence on a day-to-day basis:

  1. Gain and loss
  2. Fame and ill-fame
  3. Praise and blame
  4. Hap­pi­ness and pain

We live in a world of dual­ity and before we reach 40, 50 or 60, we might have expe­ri­enced some kind of gain or loss. Do you remem­ber how do you feel when you get a fat bonus? But then how do you feel when you lose some­thing, for exam­ple some money in stock mar­ket? It is the same when one day you become famous and another when you become infamous?

We feel very happy when some­one praises us. What if when you are being blamed? We feel elated when praised but depressed when blamed.

Get­ting what you want is sure hap­pi­ness and what are the pains in life? Old age, sick­ness, sep­a­ra­tion form loved ones, death and not get­ting what you want are the pains of life.

The above four sets of worldly con­di­tions are like our shad­ows, fol­low­ing us every­where we go! We should con­stantly reflect on them to build up our men­tal strength and cope much bet­ter when they come again. Like the nat­ural 4 sea­sons: spring, sum­mer, autumn and win­ter, they will pass as well. Learn not to be over­whelmed and get sucked into whirl­wind of these conditions.

As you enter mid­dle age, you could have a fair share of the above con­di­tions in one way or another. But are you well pre­pared to face them again in life after 40, 50 or 60s?

Gen­er­ally there are two types of peo­ple: those with a reli­gion and those with­out a reli­gion. How­ever, how best you cope with life after 40, 50, or 60 MENTALLY is such an impor­tant aspect that many often overlook.

With or with­out reli­gion, how a per­son choose to react to the 8 con­di­tions will deter­mine your qual­ity of life in mid­dle age, at least mentally.

My opin­ion is in order to cul­ti­vate our spir­i­tual being we could do things that purify our mind (or calm our mind), do a lot of good deeds (like donat­ing to char­ity, help­ing those unfor­tu­nate ones) and avoid doing evil things (cheat­ing, steal­ing, bad-mouthing peo­ple, etc.)

I would like to end this blog with a quote from HH Dalai Lama:

Spir­i­tual prac­tice is dif­fi­cult in the begin­ning. You won­der how on earth you can ever do it. But as you get used to it, the prac­tice grad­u­ally becomes eas­ier. Do not be too stub­born or push your­self too hard. If you prac­tice in accord with your indi­vid­ual capac­ity, lit­tle by lit­tle you will find more plea­sure and joy in it. As you gain inner strength, your pos­i­tive actions will gain in pro­fun­dity and scope.“
~ His Holi­ness the Dalai Lama

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