Why this topic? Let me begin with the fol­low­ing inci­dent. My daugh­ter was once teased by her classmates,”That man with white hair is your daddy or your grand­fa­ther?” Maybe her friends’ par­ents are much younger than I or do not have gray hair as I do.

Grand­fa­ther? OMB (Oh My Bud­dha; equiv­a­lent to OMG)! Am I that old? More than 50 or 60 that I qual­ify to be a grand­fa­ther? No, no, def­i­nitely not!

Much I wish to be younger but aging indeed is a bio­log­i­cal process. If you are 40 now, you would be 50 years old ten years later and 60 twenty years later.

I did a def­i­n­i­tion search in Google for “mid­dle age”. Here is the answer:


It means that mid­dle age is a time between youth and old age (e.g. between 40 to 60 years of age). Of course there are some other def­i­n­i­tions. For this blog let’s keep it to be from 40 to 60.

Why Rein­vent Life After 40, 50, 60?

For most peo­ple, 40 to 60 is the “mid­dle” age, assum­ing you are going to live up to 80 to 90 years old (based on the assump­tion you do not pass away ear­lier due to sick­ness or other causes). Life is like a big project where the first half is com­pleted when you reach 40 or 50 years old.

It is time to do a “stock take” on var­i­ous aspects of your life:

  • Phys­i­cal health
  • Rela­tion­ship health
  • Men­tal or spir­i­tual health
  • Finan­cial health

These four aspects would deter­mine you over­all well being of your sec­ond half of your life if you take some seri­ous efforts to plan and rein­vent your life after 40/50/60!

Most of the time peo­ple would NOT think of their sec­ond half of their life when they are below 40 years old. Only when they start enter­ing the 40s or 50s do they real­ize that it is a dif­fer­ent ball game alto­gether when com­pared to when they are younger.

Being a big project, as the owner of the project don’t you think you should do a com­plete stock take of your first half of your life, in order to live a bet­ter and more ful­fill­ing sec­ond half of your life?

How to rein­vent life?

In my opin­ion, you have to divide your life into four accounts, i.e.

Account 1 – phys­i­cal health

Account 2 – relationship

Account 3 – mental/spiritual being

Account 4 – actual money in your bank

Each account is impor­tant and I am going to dis­cuss that in the next blog post.

Stay tuned!

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  4. Ariff says:

    When I read you this post, I remem­bered the time I attended “ABC ..” moti­va­tional course. It did men­tioned the four health you wrote. I will the next post before com­ment­ing further.

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