Do you like to drink coffee?

Per­son­ally I have been drink­ing cof­fee for years. My morn­ing black cof­fee (with some sugar) is my morn­ing fix, with­out which I would feel very uncom­fort­able. I asked around and peo­ple said it is addic­tion. I agree totally.

Moti­va­tional video

I came across a moti­va­tional video with the same title of this blog in YouTube, which I “repro­duced” below.

One of the best moti­va­tion videos I have watched. It is uplifting.

If you care to think for a moment, do you like the cof­fee or the cup con­tain­ing the cof­fee?? I am going to tell you a real story:

Beau­ti­ful cups

My wife bought some cups the other day, so each fam­ily mem­ber can have one. There are many designs; true enough my chil­dren were rush­ing to choose the “bet­ter” look­ing ones. I too, chose the same one which my daugh­ter was also inter­ested. Being a kind father, I let go the one to her. And she is so happy.

I like cof­fee, black cof­fee, espresso, white cof­fee, cap­puc­cino, latte, mac­chi­ato, blue moun­tain, etc. (though I am not a cof­fee expert) But I also like the cups, beau­ti­ful cups, cute cups, small cups, big cups, strange look­ing cups. Let’s me show you my cups.

Do you know which is my favourite cup? Is the cup more impor­tant or the cof­fee more impor­tant? If there is no cup, there is “no cof­fee”. Does the cof­fee taste bet­ter when it is in a more “beau­ti­ful” cup or “bet­ter look­ing” cup?

In my opin­ion, the var­i­ous cups rep­re­sent not only the mun­dane things in life such as posi­tion in soci­ety, money you have, car that you drive, your house, your fame, etc.

Being worldly, almost every­one of us would want to pos­sess the best things in our life. But do the best phys­i­cal things in life con­sti­tute a major part of our life?

There is more to the cups. The essence is in the cof­fee itself. We know that dif­fer­ent processes and ingre­di­ents would pro­duce dif­fer­ent kinds of cof­fee. That’s where each and every­one of us is different!

Some like cof­fee with­out sugar or milk, some like lots of milk or sugar and some like a mix­ture of sugar and milk.

How­ever, life is full of hap­pi­ness and suf­fer­ings. We add dif­fer­ent amount of sugar or milk to make the bit­ter cof­fee more drinkable.

Life is like a cup of cof­fee as cof­fee itself is so addi­tive. I vow that a day with­out my morn­ing cof­fee is some­thing I can­not live with. So does it means that life is so addi­tive that nobody is will­ing to give up life?

Life is like a cup of cof­fee. Do you know how to enjoy your cup of cof­fee other than enjoy­ing the beauty of the cup con­tain­ing the cof­fee? To live life to the fullest, you ought to sip and smell the aroma of the cof­fee when savour­ing every sip of it. That means to say to enjoy life, you must enjoy every­day of your life and every part of your life.

Life is like a cup of cof­fee. Some say cof­fee tastes best when it is hot, freshly brewed. This is so true that when your career, job, fame or other parts of your life is “hot” you truly enjoy your life.

Life is like a cup of cof­fee. Some peo­ple like to drink cof­fee alone some like to drink it with a group of friends.

My two cents

My teh tarik kaki friends, isn’t it true that if your cup con­tain­ing the cof­fee is not even beau­ti­ful but if the cof­fee is brewed just hot with the cor­rect aroma, it will taste very very very nice? Go for your life and embrace it fully just like how you would sip your favourite cof­fee. If the cup is nice, why not? If the cup is not that beau­ti­ful, then do your best to brew the cof­fee to the best of your ability!


P/S The exact word­ings in the above video are as below, cour­tesy of

Spir­i­tual Story by Unknown

A group of alumni, highly estab­lished in their careers, got together to visit their old uni­ver­sity pro­fes­sor. Con­ver­sa­tion soon turned into com­plaints about stress in work and life.

Offer­ing his guests cof­fee, the pro­fes­sor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of cof­fee and an assort­ment of cups — porce­lain, plas­tic, glass, crys­tal, some plain look­ing, some expen­sive, some exquis­ite — telling them to help them­selves to the cof­fee.
When all the stu­dents had a cup of cof­fee in hand, the pro­fes­sor said: “If you noticed, all the nice look­ing expen­sive cups have been taken up, leav­ing behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is nor­mal for you to want only the best for your­selves, that is the source of your prob­lems and stress.

Be assured that the cup itself adds no qual­ity to the cof­fee. In most cases it is just more expen­sive and in some cases even hides what we drink. What all of you really wanted was cof­fee, not the cup, but you con­sciously went for the best cups… And then you began eye­ing each other’s cups.

Now con­sider this: Life is the cof­fee; the jobs, money and posi­tion in soci­ety are the cups. They are just tools to hold and con­tain Life, and the type of cup we have does not define, nor change the qual­ity of life we live.

Some­times, by con­cen­trat­ing only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the cof­fee. Savor the cof­fee, not the cups! The hap­pi­est peo­ple don’t have the best of every­thing. They just make the best of every­thing. Live sim­ply. Love gen­er­ously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.”

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