One week ago I blogged about “Life is like a cup of cof­fee”. Go and read it before you read further…..

Why this title?

So why this blog is titled “Life is a like a box of chocolates”?

Here is how the story goes. Last Mon­day, I posted the fol­low­ing in my Face­book wall:

TehTarikKaki (me):“Mentally very very tired. Mon­day blues…just half a day gone already so stress­ful. “Hope­fully less stress­ful” in next days and weeks.”

KY (one of my FB friend):”I thought life is like a box of chocolate?”

TehTarikKaki (me):“chocolate? yeah, sweet and sticky and got stuck in every lubangs (spaces) in between my teeth. I need a kopi o now kau kau one (black strong cof­fee). Teh tarik kurang manis also ok”

I did some research on the phrase “life is like a box of choco­lates” which I heard many times but the actual mean­ing was not fully under­stood. So what does “life is like a box of choco­lates” means?

For­rest Gump

This famous quote actu­ally came from a 1994 award win­ning movie “For­rest Gump” which was starred by Tom Hanks. The line as spo­ken by For­rest Gump, reads in the script as fol­lows:

“I could eat about a mil­lion and a half of these. My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of choco­lates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’”

Life is like a box of chocolates

The most com­mon inter­pre­ta­tions of this phrase are:

  • A box of choco­lates con­tains many dif­fer­ent flavours that you nor­mally couldn’t iden­tify unless it is spec­i­fied in the label. If cho­sen ran­domly, you don’t know what flavour you are going to get. Thus, like life, your choice of choco­lates could bring sur­pris­ing results
  • You will never know what you are going to get in life
  • Life is like a box of choco­lates — full of nuts!
  • This means that there is always some­thing new and a lot of it

Do you agree with this inter­pre­ta­tion? Actu­ally I am quite agree­able with the above inter­pre­ta­tion. My notion is life is like a cup of cof­fee, you need to embrace it fully and it is also like a box of choco­lates, it is full of sur­prises or uncertainties.

What did my Face­book friends say?

Few days ago, I posted the fol­low­ing in my wall in Facebook:

TehTarikKaki (me): ”Life Is like a Box of Choco­lates… You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get! Agreed? Yes or No? LIKE?”

Many LIKEd the post and I received 5 com­ments as below:

WLL: ”u mean those with fill­ing inside? black magic types..cherry, almond, liquor, coconut? i pre­fer dark choc. so life is more like dark chocolate..its bit­ter sweet and u will grow to like it more and more..”

KWS: “Like, but not really agree .. Choco­late too sweet lah.. many things in life is bet­ter than choco­late lah.. why nota box of RM100 notes? can do many things..”

TCH: “Life is just like a ‘Present’ or a gift which wrap with beau­ti­ful wrap­ping paper. We won’t know it with­out open the ‘Present’ except we open it n see it by our self…BTW, I love white choco­late, choco­late with almond and date from mid­dle east, choco­late with hazelnut…yummy.….…: D”

DHK: “choco­lates come with dif­fer­ent size and shape and you will only know what is inside when you bite it and taste it,you may like it or dis­like it”

EY: “Have you tried putting a piece of choco­late into a cup of cof­fee? It melted n blended into it. That is life.”

TehTarikKaki (me): “EY, I have yet to try it. Will do it soon!”

My sur­prises in life

There are many sur­prises (at least some­thing you never expect or could never imag­ine that will hap­pen) in your life. And there are two things which are cer­tain in life i.e. death and taxes (unless you live in a tax-free coun­try like Brunei). All other are all uncer­tain­ties. My exam­ple “lit­tle” and “big” sur­prise are:

  • I do not prac­tice my pro­fes­sion for a liv­ing now (after the eco­nomic crisis)
  • I reg­u­larly “met” or “recon­nected” with long lost friends in Face­book, which I have not met for 20 or even 30 years
  • I asked a (never con­tacted before) Face­book friend for her album of choco­late pho­tos to be put in this blog. To my sur­prise per­mis­sion was granted with­out has­sle. And here are the pho­tos, don’t you find them cute? Here is the Sher­ena Chng’s photo album of choco­late in Facebook.
  • The biggest sur­prise of all today is I receive a box of choco­lates as a gift from a dear friend! I have yet to open the box and really do not know what are inside the box. Big sur­prise to me but warm at heart. Here is the album:

My two cents

To many life seems to be ran­dom­ness, lack of order or I would rather call it uncer­tain­ties. For exam­ple, on a Mon­day morn­ing before you go out of your house, there is no way for you to know before hand whether the Mon­day is going to be a blue Monday!

A dear friend told me: “Every­day is just a day, it is made blue or red or green or yel­low or white or black or purple…by your­self. Why not make it colour­ful like a rain­bow with your tal­ent for your­self and others?”

This should be the mind set we adopt every­day in fac­ing the world as life is like a box of choco­lates. When you open a box of choco­lates, there are rows of non-differentiated or some­times dif­fer­ent design of choco­lates. They might or might not look the same, and yet you know some are filled with cream, some with caramel and some with coconut. When you pick up one choco­late, you never know what will hap­pen! Once you picked up one choco­late, think: “Have you tried putting a piece of choco­late into a cup of cof­fee? It melted n blended into it. That is life.”

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2 Comments on Life is like a box of chocolates

  1. Peggy says:

    What a lovely way of putting it. Life is like a box of choco­lates. Indeed it is. Life can be full of sur­prises although most times it can be vey mun­dane. Good sur­prises can make a dif­fer­ence to one’s day but a nasty one.……

  2. sammie says:

    I always drop choco­lates into my hot cup of cof­fee! i love em both choc n cof­fee.. U’ve nailed this post! ;P

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