This is the sec­ond part of the blog post “Funny Ching­lish that makes you laugh”.

Ching­lish exam­ple #6

Ching­lish: Have to hurry, was also chong chong to.

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: It is very dif­fi­cult to give an accu­rate trans­la­tion. How­ever the mean­ing is “You come here in a hurry, but make sure you flush it after you have done your busi­ness.” “Chong chong” here means flush it with water. This sig­nage appears in a pub­lic toilet.


Ching­lish exam­ple #7

Ching­lish: ROMM

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: ROOM or ACCOMMODATION


Ching­lish exam­ple #8

Ching­lish: Deformed men’s toi­let (there is another one for women: Deformed women’s toilet!)

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: Toi­let For Dis­abled Men


Ching­lish exam­ple #9

Ching­lish: To restraint AIDS – Pre­ven­tion is cru­cial (looks OK but not perfect)

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: Stop spread­ing of AIDS by prevention

Ching­lish: Route of infection

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: AIDS can be spread by

Ching­lish: spread by the sex­ual con­tact between male-female and man sex with man

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: spread by sex­ual con­tact between man and woman or between male homosexuals

Ching­lish: Using need­ing instru­ments blood with­out test or blood prod­ucts with­out test will infect

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: spread by shared nee­dles, untested/unscreened blood or blood products

Ching­lish: Woman who has been infected would infect baby through preg­nancy give birth or breast feed

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: infected mother could infect AIDS to baby through preg­nancy, child­birth or breast feeding

Ching­lish: It is safe to doily con­tact it won’t infect through hand­shak­ing, hug have din­ner with them take shower together bite by mosquito

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: AIDS can­not be spread by nor­mal hand shak­ing, hug­ging, eat­ing together, tak­ing shower together or by mos­quito bites


Ching­lish exam­ple #10

Dear teh tarik kakis, this is a very dif­fi­cult one to trans­late. Any­body can help?


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1 Comment on Funny Chinglish that makes you laugh — part two

  1. Karlie says:

    thats ironic because you said “any­body can help?” when it’s “can any­body help?” ;)
    I think it means:
    Dear Guest, please help pre­serve the earth’s resources (.) Waste from energy (i think they mean some kind of pol­lu­tion?) reduces the clean­li­ness of the envi­ron­ment. If you need to replace the bed spread, (what’s a bed­ding bag? and “to rest the head on the wrap”? do they mean pil­low cover?), please place this card on the bed. Let’s sup­port the envi­ron­ment together!
    Haha its pretty cheesy if you ask me

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