Hey Teh Tarik Kakis: it has been more than a month since I last posted here.

Recently I had the oppor­tu­nity to visit China on leisure and came across some very funny Eng­lish word­ings used by the local Chi­nese in their sig­nage and printed literature.

What is Chinglish?

From Wikipedia: Ching­lish refers to spo­ken or writ­ten Eng­lish lan­guage that is influ­enced by the Chi­nese lan­guage. The term “Ching­lish” is com­monly applied to ungram­mat­i­cal or non­sen­si­cal Eng­lish in Chi­nese con­texts, and may have pejo­ra­tive or dep­re­cat­ing con­no­ta­tions. Other terms used to described the phe­nom­e­non include “Chi­nese Eng­lish”, “China Eng­lish”, and “Sini­cized Eng­lish”. The degree to which a Chi­nese vari­ety of Eng­lish exists or can be con­sid­ered legit­i­mate is disputed.

Most of the Eng­lish word­ings used in the sig­nage or writ­ten lit­er­a­ture are either direct trans­la­tions and most of the time it is full of gram­mat­i­cal errors. To make things worse it will make your laugh until “tears also come out” [is this Chinglish?].

Ching­lish exam­ple #1

Ching­lish: To be on your safety, please don’t climb over the rails.

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: For you own safety, please do not climb over the rails.


Ching­lish exam­ple #2

Ching­lish: Floor have water, be care­ful of slip.

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: Floor is wet. Be careful!


Ching­lish exam­ple #3


Pre­vent AIDS I have a condom

To care for your healthy and safty please:

Per­sist to use con­dom while sex.

Sug­gested proper English:

Pre­vent AIDS — Use A Con­dom (this is sup­posed to be a slogan)

For your health and safety, insist on using a con­dom when mak­ing love.

[Or you have a bet­ter suggestions?]


Ching­lish exam­ple #4

Ching­lish: Couldn’t drink water!!! [This is pho­tographed near the water tap in the wash room]

Sug­gested proper Eng­lish: Water Is Not For Drinking!


Ching­lish exam­ple #5


Room to room: touch 6 + the room number

Local call: Touch 9 + the phone number

Sug­gested proper English:

Room to room: Press (or dial) 6 + room number

Local call: Press 9 (or dial) + local phone number

[There is no touch screen, so touch­ing the but­tons has no effect!]


My two cents

The rea­sons for such errors are basically

1. Eng­lish is not widely taught and spo­ken in schools and in their day to day deal­ings (and there­fore is not taught prop­erly as well)

2. Erro­neous dic­tio­nary listings

3. Wrong word order

4. Prob­lems of direct translation

Have you have enough laughs so far? In the next post, I shall put up more funny pho­tos and I guar­an­tee you would laugh until you drop!

Merry Christ­mas and Happy New Year 2011!!

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