By now anybody who watches the FIFA World Cup telecast would not be surprised by the annoying buzzing sound of the bowing horn popularized in the current World Cup in South Africa.

The constant use of vuvuzelas during the World Cup has raised harsh criticism and health concerns; many players and audience have proposed to ban vuvuzelas during matches. Despite the criticisms, FIFA agreed to permit their use in stadiums during the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2010 FIFA World Cup.

I am wondering how the players could concentrate playing their normal game under a full swarm of non-stop buzzing and irritating vuvuzela sound!

Can you get one vuvuzela in Malaysia? I really don’t know BUT you can make the vuvuzela sound if you have an iPhone. You may download one of these FREE applications from the Apple iTunes Store. Please do not try it with headphones on or put near your ears.  The sound of swarming bees will make you crazy!

Vuvuzela iPhone Apps:

Vuvuzela 2010

Pocket Vuvuzela

Virtual Vuvuzela

The following screen shots are for the application as appeared in iPhone after installation:-

Try at your own risk, though! Which team will win the next match? Don’t blame the vuvuzela sound OK?

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