How long it takes to renew your road tax? In the past renewing your vehicle road tax in Malaysia could take you days or hours if you choose the traditional way of going to the JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) or in English, the Road Transport Department. The faster (?) way could be renewing at the post office nearest to you. Either way you may go yourself physically or engage a runner to do this time consuming chore, for a small fee.

Do you know that now you could do the renewing within one minute or less, all at your own comfort from your home or office, anytime of the day?

Yeah, in one minute or less! All you need is an internet connection and a credit card.

MyEg Services Bhd

Yesterday after receiving a call from my insurance agent informing me that my car insurance was purchased and I could now renew my car road tax. (In Malaysia, any car road tax could only be renewed upon you purchase the necessary car insurance.) I asked which was the fastest way to renew the road tax. He answered that there are three ways:-

1. Renew it at JPJ (RTD) physically

2. Renew it at the nearest post office physically

3. Renew online via

Being IT adventurous, I went to the above web site and renewed my road tax in less than one minute. Of course this is done with all the necessary information in hand, i.e. details of the vehicle registration, IC No., credit card details etc.

The best part is that if you choose to have the road tax delivered to your door steps, it will arrive within the next working day (Klang valley) at a small fee of RM6.00. MyEg Services Logistics Officers will conduct a biometrics thumbprint to verify and record the details of the person receiving the road tax disc.

What other services are available at MyEg Service Bhd?

After looking through the web site, there are quite a number of other services available:-

a. JPJ – CDL renewal/road tax renewal (and insurance)

b. Police – inquiry and payment of summons

c. Jabatan Insolvensi Malaysia – bankruptcy and liquidation search

d. DBKL – assessment and compound inquiry and payment

e. Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara – myKad replacement services

f. Tenaga Nasional – bill inquiry and payment

g.Telekom Malaysia – bill inquiry and payment

h. Immigration Department – maid working permit renewal (latest!)

My two cents

It is an eye opener for me that MyEg is now pretty advanced in their efforts to help the government to become an efficient e-government. Need more information? Check out at their web site here.

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  1. Francis says:

    Hey Bro, tq for sharing..


  2. TehTarikKaki says:

    Sometimes we are too used to doing old routines like road tax must be renewed at JPJ or post office. Now we have a choice doing it from the comfort from our home or office. Do drop by often for more interesting teh tarik stories.

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